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Beaulieu Blog 2020

FRIDAY 20th March 2020

The children had a really good time doing their shelter building  and orienteering yesterday.  No-one got lost and they all managed to complete the course.  However it was very muddy as it had rained during the night so parents please be ready for some very dirty clothes!!


After a walk back to the Centre, in record time, the usual farm duties were completed before the children sat down to play games in the conservatory.  The evening meal last night was pizza and chips followed by waffles, bananas and maple syrup.  Needless to say the children thoroughly enjoyed their meal and there were a lot of full tummies!!   Then it was time for the talent show to begin!  It started at 7pm and did not finish till 8.30 pm.  Mrs Barnes said that it was incredible – some funny comedy acts, a magic act, singing and dancing acts, acrobatics and an unbelievably good beat boxing act!!  During the interval they celebrated one child’s birthday with some delicious birthday cake.  The Centre had been decked out with balloons and banners.  Everyone had a great night!  All were in bed by about 9.15 pm and asleep by 9.30 pm.


This morning the children were up nice and early to do last minute packing before the morning duties and final “goodbyes” to the animals. After breakfast, consisting of cereal, croissants, toast and juice, the children have gone to the Beaulieu Motor Museum to see all the exhibitions.  A great week has been had by all and Mrs Barnes is so proud of how well behaved and good mannered the children have been.                                                                        

Mrs Barnes is aiming to leave the Beaulieu Motor Museum by 2.30 pm and have the children back at school around 4.00 pm – traffic permitting.

THURSDAY 19th March 2020

Yesterday, after breakfast, the children went to the Maritime Museum at Buckler’s Hard.  The children learnt about Lord Nelson and how he had died at sea and was preserved in brandy until the ship had returned to shore.  Once back on land the sailors drank the brandy to toast their hero.  They also compared living conditions of shipwrights and labourers.  The children were amazing asking lots of questions and impressing all the staff with their knowledge.


After the morning activities it was time to get on the mini bus and head to the tree house for lunch which consisted of sausage roll or chicken pasty with fruit and the most amazing flapjack!


In the afternoon the children did their village study which was great fun comparing Finchampstead village to Beaulieu village.  They then had a nice walk back to the Centre.  Once everyone was back safe and sound on the farm it was time to do the evening duties then dinner which last night was pasta bolognaise and garlic bread followed by treacle sponge pudding and custard.


In the evening it was the Beaulieu Quiz – all teams did really well and the results were very close.  At the end of another busy day it was hot chocolate and story time before bed.  Everyone was asleep by 9.30 pm.


This morning breakfast was pineapple juice, Frosties and hash browns with bacon.  After breakfast the children are doing den building and orienteering.


Everyone is having a fabulous time and they are all very excited about tonight’s talent show.  Apparently there are 15 acts so Mrs Barnes thinks that it might be a late night!!

WEDNESDAY 18th March 2020


Yesterday the children completed their river study and senses activities which included putting your hand on the person in front of you and only using a mirror, which was held up towards the trees, the children looked into this mirror and had to try and walk through the forest.  Another activity was the fox/rabbit chase whereby in pairs one child was a rabbit and the other was a fox and the fox had to chase the rabbit into a tunnel. The rabbit hopefully emerges at the other end without being caught!


After all the fun and games it was time for a half hour walk back to the farm for duties and dinner.  Last night’s dinner was roast chicken, roast potatoes, carrots, Yorkshire puddings and gravy.  All the children enjoyed it and there was nothing left.  Even after eating all that food they still managed to tuck into a delicious chocolate brownie! 


Once dinner was finished it was time for the campfire and toasting marshmallows which all the children were very excited about.  Mrs Barnes said that there were some fabulous singers and the Centre Instructor said that they were the “best singers” he had heard.  Needless to say the children were all quite tired after their busy day and settled down well at bedtime.  All were in bed by 9.15pm and asleep by 9.30 pm.  Everyone slept well (including the adults!!).


There were a few sleepy heads this morning but once everyone was awake it was time to get dressed and do the farm duties one of which was cleaning out the “piggies”.  One child was still half asleep and tried to go out in their slippers rather than wellies.  Thankfully Mrs Barnes noticed just in time!  After duties were completed it was breakfast time.  On the menu today for breakfast was Rice Krispies, toast and pancakes with syrup.  Today the children and staff were going to be going to Buckler’s Hard – going round the museum and houses before stopping for a picnic lunch.  After lunch they will visit Beaulieu Village.  The weather today was cloudy but dry and mild.

TUESDAY 17th March 2020


Yesterday, the children enjoyed their first day at the Centre.  After having lunch the children had a tour of the farm and were introduced to all the animals including cows, pigs, geese, ducks, goats, sheep and some beautiful rare breed of chickens.   The children were excited to see how the farm works and had fun visiting the orchard, finding their bearings and meeting the staff. 


After a busy afternoon everyone returned to the Centre for farm duties and then they all tucked in to the evening meal – which was 3, yes 3 (!!!) sausages, mash & beans.  


Mrs Barnes said that the bedroom inspections are going well and the children are keeping their rooms nice and tidy.  Last night everyone was in bed by 9.15 pm and fast asleep by 9.30 pm after having a hot chocolate and a snack.


This morning the children awoke to beautiful blue skies.  Once everyone was up and dressed it was time for the morning duties to begin – table laying, milking the goats and collecting the hens’ eggs.  Breakfast was cereal, scrambled egg and toast.


Today’s activities are the River Study this morning followed by lunch at the treehouse and then their animal adaptations this afternoon.  The children are really enjoying learning about the different activities and they quite often get asked questions about what they have learnt.


Tonight is the campfire and toasting marshmallows which all the children are very excited about.

Monday 16th March 2020

Mrs Barnes telephoned this morning to say that they had all arrived safely at Beaulieu at 11.20 am after having a really good journey down to the Centre. 


They stopped off at Bolton’s Bench and the children had great fun running up and down the hill, playing a few games and having a nice walk.  The children had a quick snack before jumping back on the coach to finish the final part of their journey to Beaulieu. 


Once they arrived at the Centre there was an introduction about the basic rules eg wearing slippers indoors, behaviour etc.  They then unpacked their cases and they also attempted to make their beds.  Some took a little longer to make them than others!


After lunch, the children are going to have a tour of the farm, meet all the inhabitants and play some team games.


The weather is nice and sunny and everyone is very happy and excited about being at Beaulieu.


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