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Parent Voice

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Resilience, mindfulness and self-awareness are key components of a positive school climate – a school environment that, as well as being safe and clean with high quality teaching practices, supportive relationships, communication, wellbeing and respect. Science is now supporting what perhaps many of us know intuitively (and teachers’ know through experience): there is a lot more to schooling than academics. A good school can teach your children to read and write, but a positive school will help them to flourish.




Gorse Ride Schools conducted a Parent Voice Survey in January 2022. Survey responses were completed online.   Please click here to read the full report.

What our parents like about Gorse Ride Schools ...



“Teaching staff are amazing”

“Great school, great teachers !!”

“Excellent support and a lovely school environment. Staff are fantastic”

“My daughter loves going to school and learning. She has a sense of belonging and feels very included”

“The staff care about the children and the atmosphere is very nurturing”

“The way the staff care for all the children”

“The school is very pro active in ensuring the emotional side of the child is cared for”

“My son has difficulties due to severe developmental delay and ASD...Although he can be extremely challenging, Gorse Ride and all members of staff have always gone above and beyond in doing everything to help our family as a whole in trying to find solutions in managing his issues and always trying to make sure he is included in any and all activities.  He has problems accessing the curriculum due to his issues, but staff work tirelessly to find alternative ways for him to develop skills he will need in life!  I could not be happier with the support and understanding they have shown!”

“How approachable staff are and how children are really nurtured and well cared for. Any concerns I have had are dealt with effectively and my daughter is extremely happy and well settled”

“My son has struggled to acclimatise academically. The staff have been fantastic in recognising his needs and have gone above and beyond to help him, in spite of the extra work. I cannot thank them enough.”

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