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School Lunches

The catering service at Gorse Ride Schools is provided by Harrison Catering Services, an independent, family-owned company founded in 1994.   The Harrison proposition is centred around the on-site preparation and cooking of top quality meals made with fresh ingredients.  


Providing Healthy School Meals

Harrison understands that what children eat affects their health and their ability to learn and perform in the classroom. At Gorse Ride Schools, our catering team provides nutritious, balanced meals, and we work to educate the pupils on how to make healthier food choices. Our goal is to instill a love and understanding of fresh, healthy food at a young age that will positively influence them throughout life.
All Harrison staff receive training in how to prepare and serve healthier food through the company’s bespoke Eat Well Live Well© training programme.  In addition, their focus on fresh food means that only minimal amounts of fried foods appear on the menus—generally in the form of much-loved British favourites like fish and chips. We also aim to maximise access to fruit and vegetables by offering a choice of cooked vegetables, salads, healthier snacks and fresh fruit daily. Every egg we use is British-sourced and free range and the majority of our meat is British-sourced as well.


School meals are currently priced at £2.05.    Meals need to be paid for in advance via SCOPAY



If you would like some ideas of tonight's dinner please click on the link below for some recipes from Harrisons : 

whats for lunch image.png

Please click on the "What's for Lunch?" icon above to view the menu choices.

GL (contains Gluten), D (contains Dairy), E (contains Eggs)


Please Note :

From 1st February 2020, all school meals must be ordered by parents online no later than 11pm the night before.  Meals can be ordered up to half a term in advance.




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