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What is kindness worth ?

"Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see" - Mark Twain

Just some of the emails we have received from families and members of the community  in response to our Kindness Tokens  :


"I received a token this morning... which warmed my heart and I’ve been smiling all day. I think these tokens are a wonderful way to show children the importance of kindness given and passed on to others."

"Dear Gorse Ride School,  this is just a short note to say that we received a kindness token from one of your students who asked his mother especially to send us advent calendars to "make some sad people happy at Christmas like I will be".  We don't know his name but mum is called Casey.    Thank you for thinking of people without food.  Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year, Volunteer at Wokingham Food Bank."

"Maisie gave me a kindness token last week because I am the best mummy and very kind. She said I always think about her and make sure she has everything she needs.   However, in the spirit of noting exceptionally kind behaviour and gestures, (and my main reason for emailing!) I also thought she deserved a special mention. Over the weekend, we saw an advert at the for a Paddington Bear and UNICEF campaign where you can buy critical resources for children in danger, for Christmas. We talked about what it meant for the children concerned and how their lives might be, living in such circumstances.   We had not long discussed Maisie’s wish list for Christmas and she came to us shortly after discussing the endangered children to say that she’d like us to buy two of the presents on her list for the children in danger instead of her. One of the items she chose to forgo was a chocolate coin maker because ‘it would mean the children would have something to eat’.  We thought it was an exceptionally kind gesture but explained that it might be better if we chose from the list of ideas on the website.   Instead of her two presents, Maisie chose 400 pencils for a school, 5 storybooks, a football and some high energy biscuits. She was very thoughtful about each item she chose and very excited to think that she might be helping children who have much less than her.   In this instance, I think going out of her way to be kind, in a manner which means that she doesn’t benefit from the act, really moved us. I think the kindness theme that the school promote - long may it continue too - really highlights these moments and encourages all the children to think more positively about kindness and the act of being kind".


"I am writing to inform you of, how I have passed the kindness on.  Last year I had a foot operation which made walking difficult. An elderly neighbour knocked daily to do small jobs if kindness for me.  During this week I heard that he was not going for a Christmas lunch with others. Last year problems left them stuck on the bus for about 2 hours.  My kindness will be to drive him along with his friend to the venue and home again at the end of the Christmas Lunch".


"Hi, today I had a young girl from Gorse Ride School called Hannah come into our charity shop to purchase a hat and matching scarf set for someone less fortunate. Hannah’s  nanny told me she was saving her pocket money for a LOL doll but decided to buy the gift instead.  What a lovely thing your school are doing.   Manager, Bracknell Shopmobility".


"This morning I got a kindness token!!    It’s taken us 15 months to finally move house and it’s been an unsettling period for us all.   One thing we always promised Daniel and his brother Ben was a garden big enough for them to play football in because we only had a small yard with no grass when we lived in Reading.   Well, yesterday, while they were at school, I set up a mini pitch for them complete with two goals.   This made Dan so happy he presented me with a kindness token to say thank you.   I will be carrying my token with me now to pass on with another act of kindness."

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