Governing Body





"Governors know the school well.  They are highly skilled and contribute positively"

Ofsted September 2018

We, as Gorse Ride Schools Governors, come from a wide variety of backgrounds and bring extensive knowledge and expertise. We volunteer our time to work with the Executive Head Teacher and Senior Leadership Team to ensure that both schools are well managed and the staff and children are properly supported.  We provide strategic direction, supporting as well as challenging to ensure accountability, so that all our children receive the best possible education and care.  


As Governors we are not involved in the schools’ operational day to day running but we do directly oversee the finances and the curriculum.  In approving and monitoring the budget, we seek to maintain good value for money in the use of the schools’ resources. Our oversight of the curriculum is to ensure that the provision is broad and balanced to meet all our children’s needs.   

Our Full Governing Board, which is made up of elected co-opted, associate, local authority, parent and staff governors,  meet twice a term to monitor and evaluate the results against the strategic priorities that are set, to ensure that the desired outcomes are being achieved. We are in place to use our combined skills and experience to ask “why” actions are being carried out and “what” the impact of them will be. Always ensuring that the school is responsible for the actions carried out and that they will have a positive outcome and be aligned with the schools vision.  

Our Members of the Governing Board also sit on one or both of our sub committees to allow for more focused and specialist input. The Resources and Teaching Learning and Outcomes committees meet on a regular basis, with the Resources committee focusing on Personnel, Finance and Premises and the Teaching Learning and Outcomes committee covering issues relating to Curriculum, Progress, Attainment, Attendance and Behaviour.   The outcomes of these meetings are fed back to our Full Governing Board and where necessary, any policy update or planned action can be approved.

The minutes from Full Governing Board meetings are available on request from either school office.


We visit school regularly attending many school events and we are always happy to talk about any aspect of our work and will seek to answer any questions or concerns personally or we can be contacted via email click here


Please find the member details below for our current Full Governing Board.

The following table lists the details of the current members of the governing body and the committees they sit on: