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Statutory Information

All schools are required to provide access to a number of statutory documents and information. Our website provides access to all this information, but as our website is primarily designed as an information source for parents, for your convenience the table below offers a summary of our statutory information and links to where these can be found on our website.

These are listed in alphabetical order. Please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for or if you require paper copies of any of the information, policies or documents detailed on our website. 



Information about the schools' admissions

Contact Details

Full contact details

Governor Information

Information about our Governing Body

Privacy Notice for Parents

Information on our privacy notice for parents: use of their child’s data



Details of the schools' Designated Safeguarding Leads and safeguarding information

British Values

The schools' commitment to British values


Information about teaching and learning and our curriculum

Ofsted Report

The most recent Ofsted reports

Pupil Premium

Details of how we use our Pupil Premium Grant and the impact it has


Name and contact information for our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Complaints Procedure

How we will address any complaints and our appeals procedure.

Data Protection

How we manage and store information, and how to make a data related request

Privacy Notice

Information regarding our Privacy Notice

PE & Sports Premium

Details of how we use our PE & Sports Premium Grant and the impact it has

Values & Ethos

Values & Ethos Statement

Charging & Remissions Policy

Details of our approach to charging, including for trips.

Equality Policy

Information about our equal opportunities policy

Performance Tables

Information about the schools' exam and assessment results and performance tables

Privacy Notice for Pupils

Full details of our Privacy Notice for Pupils

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